Executive Director Job Description

Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network Job Posting – Executive Director

Position: Executive Director

Organization Mission: The Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network strives to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome in the Piedmont area are valued, included, and given the opportunities to pursue fulfilling lives.

Position Description: The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors.  The Director will be responsible for providing leadership in coordinating and expanding PDSSN’s programming and events as well as engaging in fundraising through partnerships with community members and the writing of grants.  The director will provide written and verbal reports at the quarterly board meetings.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Promote and represent the PDSSN to the Triad community, including participation in public events, media, public speaking, and partnering with other programs and agencies.
  2. Assist the Board of Director to recruit volunteers and encourage participation by the community.
  3. Coordinate all PDSSN programs/events with committee chairs.
  4. Coordination of programs includes:
    1. Working closely with the Board of Directors and PDSSN committee members in implementing and evaluating the programs
    2. Ensuring that all program records are documented and placed in a database
    3. Assisting in securing funding for the programs
    4. Working with the Board of Directors to oversee the budget and quality of the programs
  5. Development of New Programs/Events:
    1. Design programming to increase awareness of PDSSN and Down Syndrome throughout the community
    2. Design programming to best fit the needs of PDSSN members and those PDSSN serves
    3. Implement programming
    4. Maintain records of programming
    5. Assist the Board of Directors in securing funding for programming
    6. Working with the Board of Directors to oversee the budget and quality of the programming
  6. Assist the Board of Directors in Fundraising through partnering with the community
    1. Research and implement opportunities for grants
    2. Research and implement strategies to increase planned giving
    3. Research fundraising opportunities in the local community
    4. Seek and implement advice on fundraising from national Down Syndrome support organizations (such as National Down Syndrome Society and National Down Syndrome Congress and Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action)
    5. Work with the Board of Directors to select and implement the most successful fundraising strategies modeled after the best practices of other similar organizations
  7. Communications
    1. Coordinate writing and distribution of quarterly e-newsletters
    2. Keep PDSSN families and community supporters updated on information related to PDSSN and community events related to Down syndrome through the Constant Contact listserv and social media platforms.
    3. Manage and update the PDSSN website and PDSSN calendar regarding upcoming events and programs.
    4. Maintain records of family and community members’ participation in PDSSN programs and events.
  8. Develop a personal education plan to become more knowledgeable about medical, social, legal, and other aspects of Down syndrome as well as non-profit organizational development
  9. Assist the Board of Directors in other planning and fundraising capacities as needed

Position Hour and Benefits:

Hours: Full Time

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Benefits: Paid time off. Expense reimbursement.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field
  2. One to three years of relevant experience
  3. Strong written and oral communication skills
  4. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  5. A strong interest in, and commitment to, PDSSN’s mission and members
  6. Ability to meet deadlines
  7. Outstanding organizational skills
  8. Ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously
  9. Expertise in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Paint, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, WordPress, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, Google Docs, Google Forms, Fundraising Website Building Software.

How to Apply:  Send letter of interest and resume to McNeil Cronin, mcneil.cronin@gmail.com. The screening process will remain open until the position is filled.

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